The Climate Justice Coalition is a coalition of groups and individuals committed to building solidarity and power for Climate Justice in Britain and across the globe.

We are a multi-level coalition made up of environment and development NGOs, trade unions, grassroots community campaigns, faith groups, youth groups, migrant justice networks and more.

Our Mission


The Climate Justice Coalition exists to strengthen and support a movement of movements across the Britain and internationally. We support groups, organisations and networks to connect across climate justice in active solidarity. We bring together groups who have a diversity of tactics and theories of change to complement one another and work together.


We work to shift organisations from a narrow climate lens to a broader climate justice lens – to ensure ‘climate justice’ retains its meaning, nuance and substance within global discourse. We also help people to connect the local, national and international context, as well as providing and signposting to learning opportunities for developing tactics.


We bring groups together to facilitate collective moments of action.


We amplify the work of member organisations and other groups/individuals working on climate justice.

Our structure

Coalition Council

Coalition membership


Migrant justice // Trade union

Working groups

Fundraising // Global solidarity

Local hubs network

Our Local Hubs

Staff team and support

Each group is self-organised and convened by one or more organisations. They work to the aims and principles as agreed by the Coalition, defining their own remit, activities, processes and membership. They are accountable to and represented on the Climate Justice Coalition Council, which is the ultimate decision making body for Coalition-wide activities.

Climate Justice Coalition Council

The Council is made up of representatives from across the Coalition who come together five times a year to discuss strategy and direction for the Coalition, and see how the Coalition can support the climate justice movement as a whole.

Our Council membership.

Coalition membership

We aim to cover the climate justice intersections and constituencies, e.g. trade unions, faith groups, migrant organisations, climate groups, youth groups, gender justice groups and more. have a broad geographical representation, and build around organisations not individuals. We ensure all parts of the Coalition are represented on the Council.

We focus on:

  1. Relationships: Building strong relationships between organisations that cover all the Climate Justice intersections so that the coalition is stronger as a whole and so that cross working becomes easier.
  2. Strategy: Making key decisions for the Coalition in terms of strategy and direction – they will sign off on key decisions.
  3. Action: Helping coordinate and put energy behind key moments in the year. Bring recommendations of actions we can support and take together.

Our Coalition membership.


Trade Union

Our Trade Union Caucus brings together reps, officials and members across the trade union movement. Together we facilitate education and campaigning as trade unionists for climate justice and a just transition.

Migrant Justice

Our Migrant Justice Caucus works in collaboration with groups from both movements we are building the intersection between climate and migrant justice by facilitating solidarity at the national and local community levels of action and advocacy.

Local Hubs network

Our Local Hubs are decentralised local coalitions set up in areas all around the country during COP26. They create their own decision making processes and decide their own objectives and ways of working. Some are loosely connected with the Coalition and others identify more closely with the central structure of the Coalition.


In 2019, the COP26 Coalition was set up – the first UK wide coalition that centred justice in the climate movement. This was set up by War on Want, Friends of the Earth Scotland and the Global Campaign to Demand Climate Justice, using their experience in bringing together groups and mobilising. While the first task of this coalition was to respond to COP26 in Glasgow, the goal was build capacity for the climate justice movement for the longer term. Post-COP26, the need for continued convening of climate justice groups was evident. In 2022, ahead of COP27, we transitioned into the Climate Justice Coalition.

Over the last few years, together we have helped build an intersectional movement that has brought climate justice from the fringes to the centre of every struggle. Hundreds of thousands of people across the world mobilised under radical demands for urgent and just solutions to the climate crisis. We continued to ensure that Indigenous, frontline and Global South communities are front and centre, to amplify their voices and demands. Because of our collective vision and action, the climate justice movement is more powerful, educated and connected than ever before.

Read our reflections from organising during the recent COP summits: