Local hubs are a space for activists from across struggles to connect and organise around climate justice. These are groups across Britain made up of member organisations and individual activists.

Built during the leadup to COP26, our local hubs have now developed into longer-term local coalition structures. We’ve taken the first steps of building a coalition that has brought together movements from across struggles. Now we have to get organised to actively challenge and disrupt business-as-usual, to push for rapid decarbonisation of our economies and justice-based solutions.

Our Local Hubs

Here is a list of local Climate Justice Coalition hubs.

If you want to get involved in your local hub, send them an email:

Belfast Climate Justice Coalition (CJC Ireland)[email protected]
Brighton [email protected]
Bristol [email protected]
Cardiff [email protected]
Derry Climate Justice Coalition (CJC Ireland)[email protected]
Durham [email protected]
Eastbourne [email protected]
Glasgow [email protected]
Ipswich [email protected]
Liverpool City Region[email protected]
London [email protected]
Manchester [email protected]
Newcastle [email protected]
Norfolk [email protected]
Northumberland [email protected]
Nottingham [email protected]
Plymouth [email protected]
Portsmouth [email protected]
Reading [email protected]
Sheffield [email protected]
Swansea [email protected]
West Midlands[email protected]
West Wales Climate Coalition[email protected]
Yorkshire & Humber [email protected]

Can’t find a hub near you? Get in touch at [email protected] for more info.

Setting up your own Local Hub

If you’re interested in setting up your own local hub, send us a message at [email protected].