The climate crisis will define politics and economics throughout this century, impacting working people in every way.

From fast rising prices to food shortages, industrial change to floods and fires. The transition is underway but led by corporate interests at the expense of workers. Now more than ever we need to build workers’ power, to both halt industrial pollution and win a transition that is worker-led and fair.

On 28 January, we brought together 150 trade unionists and climate activists at our We Make Tomorrow conference to strategise about how we can build workers power on climate and crisis. What’s next?

Take action in your trade union branch

We’re building the Trade Union Caucus of the Climate Justice Coalition and we need your help! If you’d like to get involved with fighting for a just transition for workers or you’d like to register your interest in affiliating with your trade union branch, we want to hear from you. Get in touch by emailing [email protected].

You can also take action today by passing our new climate motion in your trade union branch!

Support the ex-GKN autoworkers’ just transition struggle

The ex-GKN autoworkers plan is a key example of a worker-led ecological transition – one which could set the way forward for workers across Europe.

But the project needs material solidarity now. Find out more and get involved!

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