Dear friends,

The last few weeks have been a blast! From The Ground Up: Global Gathering for Climate Justice has seen 8000 registrations for 53 sessions. But we are just getting started, with some massive mobilisations ahead of us over the next year! 

Here’s how you can join us in the coming months:

👥 We are holding an All Coalition Meeting on the 3rd December at 7pm, to reflect on the Global Gathering, and to discuss the road ahead of us until COP26. Everyone is welcome to join! 

⚠️ On 12th December, the UK government is going to use the five year anniversary of the Paris-Agreement to put out a bunch of hogwash to look green and “ambitious”. We all know that the UK government and their corporate allies are pushing for a death sentence with net-zero 2050. Stay tuned for our plan to let them know that we aren’t falling for their lies.

 🌸In Spring, we will hold From the Ground Up 2, focused on how our movement across the world is resisting governments and corporations, and how we can use these strategies to disrupt business as usual in the lead-up to COP26. 

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Get involved!

If you have time and capacity to lend us, please join one of our upcoming working group meetings: 

Do you hate greenwashing? Want to call out governments and corporations for their false solutions? Work for us! We’re looking for an experienced Scottish campaigner to join the COP26 Coalition as a Mobilisations and Digital Engagement Officer, to help us bring hundreds of thousands of people to the streets next year! The deadline is 7 December, apply here!

Our logistics group has been busy and hosted a few meetings on how to best support our international allies in coming to Glasgow next year. One of the most important discussions was on how we should help organise venues during COP26. If you’ve missed this, we have recorded the meeting here with some excellent presentations on COP26 and Venues.

On Monday, our pals at Stop Climate Chaos Scotland are hosting a webinar on Finance and Climate Justice, on the need for increased climate finance to global-south countries hit hard by climate change, and Scotland’s role in creating such change. Join here! 

Right now until November 19, young people from across the world are taking responsibility while adults aren’t: Watch this video from young climate activists calling out governments on their failures, join them in debates during Mock COP, and let’s all hope that our governments are going to copy some of their homework from the youth.

And if your appetites for webinars and zoom discussions is still not satisfied, come to the Right to Energy Forum 2020 to debate energy poverty, how it affects those worst off the most, and how we can create a united movement to end energy poverty across the world.

Help the Kick Polluters Out Campaign get to 15,000 signatures to keep Polluters away from COP26 (they’re almost there!). This is especially important considering that one of the sponsors of COP26 is the second worst polluter in Scotland.

News and Resources 

And remember, if you have exciting news and resources from our movement, send them to us so that we can share!