Welcome to the fourth edition of The Rising Clyde, a newsletter from the COP26 Coalition! Just a reminder: if you’ve read good articles on climate justice, watched an amazing video on climate struggles, or simply discovered some really good tunes for the revolution, send them to us here

We have a lot of exciting news for you in the coming weeks. With so many Coalition meetings taking place, things can quickly get confusing – which is why we have created a shared calendar to make it easier to find the dates and details for upcoming meetings and events. For now, click here for the soundtrack for #4 to remind yourselves how essential the trade union movement is for any progress in society.

From the Ground Up: Call for Contributions

From 12-16th November, the COP26 Coalition is hosting From the Ground Up – a global online gathering that will be a space to educate, activate and strategise. We will discuss the need for a global green new deal and work towards a global plan of action to create the change we need from the ground up.

We need your help to bring together thousands of activists and participants from across the world  to develop the strategies and tactics necessary to achieve climate justice and build for a year of climate action towards the COP26 meeting in Glasgow next year.

From the Ground Up: Global Gathering for Climate Justice will be an opportunity to

We would like to invite contributions from climate justice activists, community leaders, campaigners, scientists, researchers, & trade unionists – you might want to suggest a speaker, a workshop, cultural event, or a topic for debate. We will be organising the following sessions:

Please fill in this Submission Form by 22nd September. The COP26 project team will be curating and coordinating the programme and will be in contact about your submission to ensure that as many voices from our movement as possible are represented in the gathering.

In the meantime, spread the word about the gathering, and share the call for contributions!

Get involved!

Speaking of upcoming events… we are very pleased to finally announce that registration is open for our online speaker series, “Boiling Point: Everything you ever wanted to know about international climate change negotiations but were too afraid to ask.”

In this series of six one hour-long webinars we will explore the basics of international climate change politics and the infamous COP, or “Conference of the Parties.” Activists, policy analysts and journalists with years of experience working behind the scenes of major summits will share their knowledge of the history and process of the talks as well as the major issues and main players. The Boiling Point series will run weekly on Thursdays from 17th September through 22nd October. 

The first session “Climate Negotiations for Beginners” starts on September 17th, with Dorothy Guerrero from Global Justice Now and Doreen Stabinsky from the College of the Atlantic walking us through the basics of the process, terms and concepts of the UN climate negotiations.

Mark your calendars for the next All-Coalition Assembly which will take place on 23rd September from 6.30 – 8.30pm BST. Call-in details will be shared via email and on the Coalition’s Slack workspace.

Shortly after this, our amazing Global Solidarity Working Group is hosting the 3rd International Assembly on the 24th September, 9am-11am BST, where we’re starting to organise and strategise together with our international allies. If you are in contact with international groups, send them an invitation!

Also have a look at the Climate Fringe website, a home for events of all kinds in the run-up and during COP26, in Scotland and beyond! Curated by our friends at Stop Climate Chaos Scotland, the Climate Fringe hosts webinars, discussions, and events ranging from how to end racism and classism in environmentalism to the campaign launch of Free Our City, a new coalition campaigning for free public transport for everyone in Greater Glasgow.

How will we live in a world that is 3 degrees warmer? The Journal “The World +3 Degrees” is collecting perspectives and stories on what will be important in the coming years. Whether it’s about how people will travel, how housing and energy will be organised, or how we can build communities adapted to a world at +3 degrees, submit a contribution on what you think will or should happen! Submission deadline is the 15th October 2020. Find more information here: plus3degrees.carrd.co

News and Resources

Also, because it’s this time of the year again: here’s a video for those of you who are tired of politicians, newspapers and talk show hosts yet again blaming immigrants, young people and neighbouring countries for everything that’s wrong.