Welcome to the second edition of The Rising Clyde, a newsletter from the COP26 Coalition!

Before you go on, click here to have the best possible soundtrack for your reading experience. Thanks for all the positive feedback we received on our first newsletter, please keep in mind that this is made by Coalition members, so feel free to submit articles, resources, videos,  and other spirit-lifting links here!

News from across the Coalition

We’re currently working to make it easier to get involved with the Coalition. To make it easier to find all the dates and meetings, we have a shared calendar now! Also, we’re currently working on a welcome pack for new members on how to get involved in the coalition, if you have ideas for that, let us know!

Our Working groups

Meet the Coordinating Committee

Since June, we have had an operational Coordinating Committee in place, with  representatives nominated from working groups and civil society constituencies. Reflecting the breadth and diversity of the UK and Scottish climate movement, the Committee will steer the Coalition going forward towards COP. Here’s the current composition of the full Committee:


We’re aware that this is not perfectly representative of our movement yet, and are working to involve more constituencies we would like to see in our coalition, such as Scottish direct action groups, Faith Groups, and representatives for people with disabilities.


Get involved!

We are holding an online people’s summit 12 to 16 November 2020, and we formed a project team to hammer out the details so that our working groups can fill it with amazing content. Would you like to join? Our next online summit meeting is on Tuesday, 18th of August, at 12pm! If you can’t join, but would like to contribute your ideas, leave your comments on our slack channel!

We’re not the first ones to organise around a COP, and it’s important for us to understand the strategies, tactics, and challenges organisers at previous COPs have faced. If you have been involved in civil society organising around COPs in the past, please fill in this survey on past COPs for us – and forward it to anyone you know who was involved. Here’s the English, the Spanish, and the French version!

Would you be interested in being a spokesperson for the coalition, or to work on media and messaging going forward? Neon’s Press Officer Network is organising a training this September, with spaces for a few coalition members to attend – contact us if you’d be up for it!

Our next international assembly will take place mid-September. If your organisation is based outside of the UK and you would like to get involved, or if you have contacts to groups and networks in the Global South, message Anca and Dottie!

News and Resources

And finally, we all know that all of society needs to step up on climate change. So, here’s Police Scotland doing their best. (On a more serious note, this is them at their worst)