Dear friends,

Welcome to the Rising Clyde #13, and a belated happy lunar new year! As usual, be sure to subscribe to our joint Coalition Calendar to stay up to date on our events, and check in on this edition’s soundtrack to remind yourself why we need trade unions

From The Ground Up: Take Action Now / 27-28 March 2021

From 27-28 March 2021, we will hold our second Global Gathering for Climate Justice. Join us for From the Ground Up #2: Take Action Now, to move our thinking towards how we can collectively tackle the multiple crises we are facing.

The COP26 Coalition is all of us – please lend us your capacity and time to work together. Whether you’re a tech wizard, a facilitator, or can help us spread the word, we need all hands on deck. Join our crew here.

Get involved!

As ever, there’s plenty of ways to lend a hand! For those of you who love messaging, framing and social media, the Comms WG are meeting on Wednesday 25th at 3pm.

Next week we’re having another policy discussion, this one on the Climate and Ecological Emergency (CEE) Bill, on Tuesday 2nd March at 6:30pm! With the Bill soon being returned to Parliament, we will have the CEE Bill Alliance presenting to us the newest draft, as well as Biofuelwatch outlining some concerns around the bill – join us to learn and discuss!

Also next week, the Mobilisations WG will be meeting on Wednesday, 3rd March, 6:30pm to plan actions in Glasgow on 6th December.

News and Resources 

Also, our friends in the Asian movements have sounded the alarm this lunar new year – if you’d be interested in helping them out from a UK perspective, click here.