Dear friends,

Welcome to 2021, and to the Rising Clyde #11, our first edition for an exciting new year! Be sure to subscribe to our joint Coalition Calendar to stay up to date on our events. As it is also Burns Night soon, tune into this edition’s soundtrack to get you in the mood for our upcoming Coalition Social.

We can’t wait until November for Action on Climate Justice. This Spring, 27-28 March, we will come together again for From the Ground Up #2: Take Action Now.

Due to the difficulties of school closures and another national lockdown in the United Kingdom, we have extended the deadline for submissions until 31st Jan 2021 for all UK & European contributors.

International allies from the global south are invited to attend our International Assembly on 4th February to discuss potential topics, and can submit contributions until 15th February. 

For more information, check out our website or submit a session here!

Get involved!

As we look into the new year, there is lots to be done!

And lastly, we’re warmly inviting you to come to our Coalition Social on Friday, the 29th January, 7:30pm, where we will hold an informal Burns Night – bring your favourite song or poem, cook some haggis and down it with your favourite Whisky/Irn Bru, or just come to sit back and chat! Everyone welcome, join here!

News and Resources 

And if you were still wondering whether the UK government’s race to zero is enough to tackle the multiple crises we face, here’s the youth with some real talk for you.