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Net-Zero 2050? The UK’s Climate “Ambition” Is A Death Sentence

Tomorrow, the UK Government wants to brand itself as a climate leader at their “Climate Ambition Summit”, when in reality, their target is unlikely to keep us below 2°C, never mind 1.5°C warming. We’re heading to 3 degree warming if we continue on the current path.

The UK’s claim of leadership rings especially hollow while it continues to finance fossil fuels, and uses green pledges to reward the corporations that caused the climate crisis, instead of genuinely addressing the climate crisis in a way that would tackle inequalities in the UK at the same time.

We don’t need ambition, we need action. The science is very clear – the climate emergency we are facing will have catastrophic impacts, far beyond the already devastating ecological crises affecting so many across the planet. These impacts will hit working-class communities, communities of colour, and people in the Global South the hardest. Winning slowly is the same as losing in this fight. We need concrete action now.

So, what to do tomorrow? Play along at the UK Government’s Climate Ambition Summit tomorrow, starting at 2pm with our bingo! Listen out for false solutions, greenwashing and lies and mark them off on your bingo card! Share your results on socials under #ClimateAmbitionBingo and let us know what your favourite empty phrase was!

Get involved!

But we don’t just shout from the sidelines, we platform those speaking truth to power: Last Wednesday, representatives from the international climate justice movement came together to hold governments and those in power to account and to call out the hollow lack of ambition in the Cop26 President’s Climate Ambition Summit.

Watch the recording of our international press conference here: 

While getting ready for our holiday break, make sure you tune into next week’s Culture Working Group Meeting on Tuesday, 15 December at 6pm. We are also having a first science meeting on Wednesday, 16 December at 12pm to talk about what role the scientific community can and should play in the Coalition – if you’re interested in how scientists can help us explain the urgent need for societal transformation, please come along!

Also, we have been active on the streets of Glasgow again – keep an eye out on our socials this weekend for something big!

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And finally, as we are at the last newsletter for this year: 2020 was grim, but there also have been important victories for our movement across the world. Nathan Thanki from Global Campaign to Demand Climate Justice explains what it takes to win Climate Justice. Happy holidays!