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Resisting Our Destruction – Forests, Bioenergy and Monoculture Tree Plantations

Forest communities worldwide are on the frontlines of protecting and conserving our forests and of struggling against the impacts of monoculture tree plantations, tree burning in power stations for bioenergy, the promotion of ‘nature-based solutions’ by big polluters and other false solutions.

Please join Biofuelwatch and Global Forest Coalition for this session linking struggles and campaigns from groups around the world to protect forests, wildlife, communities and the climate from bioenergy and monoculture tree plantations.

Speakers from Brazil, India, the UK and the Southern USA will discuss the impacts of industrial tree plantations, forest destruction for tree burning in power stations and the threats posed by the inclusion of ‘nature based solutions’ in UN and COP26 processes.

We will hear about the environmental injustices of wood pellet production and industrial tree plantations and learn about grassroots and community-led efforts around the world to conserve and protect forests and biodiversity. We will also discuss how community groups in different countries are implementing gender-responsive and rights-based approaches as alternatives to plantations and tree burning and how these approaches can help achieve climate, social and environmental justice.

We’ll have time for discussion and a Q & A with the speakers. Everyone is welcome!