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Nothing About Us Without Us – Indigenous Territorial Rights for Climate Action

Featuring indigenous and local communities, who are territorial authorities and elected representatives for their peoples, this panel will convey the latest updates from the world’s guardians of the forests. A global snapshot of community resilience in a time when the struggle has never been so acute and whilst systemic and institutional racism is being revealed as a major obstacle to protecting our planet.

You cannot protect forests from afar. You need to live in them to save them, to look out for the frequent intruders and to protect against the threat of extractive industries, land grabbers and mega projects. Granting communal territorial land title and supporting full sovereignty over local lands is the only way to ensure indigenous and local peoples can be part of the global struggle to mitigate against climate change.

We will convene civil society and activist movements to partner with indigenous peoples and local communities on specific proposals in decisions about avoiding deforestation and other issues related to climate change and the protection of biodiversity.

Join our struggle to transform society from the community to the boardroom!