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Climate, Covid and Capitalism – Why We Need A Global Green New Deal

Rising fascism, crippling austerity, a global pandemic, in the midst of the worsening climate catastrophe has further exposed the structural racism and patriarchy that has shaped the world we live in. The need for a bold global response to confront these injustices and build a better world has never been greater, as has the need to act together.
Our vision and political demands need to match the magnitude of the systemic crisis, the depth of its colonial roots, and reflect the imagination of the movements, communities, and workers who are nourishing alternatives every day.

This session will be a call to action for climate justice rooted in a new internationalism — we’ll learn about the science of equity and redistributive fair shares; we will hear from five inspiring efforts to put forward collective frameworks, radical demands and refreshing roadmaps for action to respond to this acute moment of intersecting crises; and how these initiatives must collaborate to craft a global framework for transformation.