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101: False Promises Vs Real Solutions – Exposing geoengineering, carbon markets and ‘nature-based solutions’

The climate crisis is deepening across the world and false solutions are being promoted and pushed by transnational corporations and Global North governments, with some Global South governments often in collusion. These corporate strategies are meant to allow polluters to keep polluting while grabbing more land and resources from communities in the Global South. These false solutions not only increase the marginalisation that frontline communities experience but also further exacerbate already existing inequalities.

To fight for climate justice, we need to fight the problematic push for these false solutions to the climate crisis which include Geo-Engineering, Nature Based Solutions, Net Zero targets, Bioenergy with Carbon Capture and Storage, REDD, carbon markets and others.

This session will critically unpack the (ill) logic of these strategies and also talk about regenerative strategies being already implemented by grassroots movements across the world and the possibilities for continued internationalist organising and solidarity.