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COP26 is only a few weeks away, and it’s increasingly clear that it will be one of the least inclusive, least transparent UN Climate Conferences in history. Due to the UK government’s negligence and wilful mismanagement, thousands of activists and observers won’t attend due to a lack of vaccinations and an inability to afford quarantine costs and accommodation.This means our movement has a special responsibility to hold the governments to account for their failures and push for climate justice. When COP26 takes place in Glasgow this November, it will be a critical point for global struggles to come together across the world to build power for system change. To make this happen, we need massive numbers of people out on the streets in November – in Glasgow, across the UK, and around the world.Join us for our All Coalition Meeting on Monday, 13 September at 6pm to hear about
– The state of the COP negotiations and what this means for November
– Our plans for the People’s Summit during COP26
– The Global Day of Action on Nov 6!
– Join a local organising hub and organise with fellow activists across the UK!


Everyone welcome, join here: