Yesterday’s Climate Ambition Summit lived up to our expectations: another climate jamboree with empty promises and plans that don’t add up.

We are still on track for 3 °C warming. At the summit, we saw lots of small steps and promises, but not the strides and concrete actions needed to stay below 1.5 °C.

This is a death sentence for millions. Already, in every corner of the planet, killer floods, droughts & famines are already destroying the lives and livelihoods of people who have done nothing to cause this crisis. Those who are most responsible for the crisis must urgently contribute their fair share – both financially and politically – to a rapid, managed decarbonisation of our economy. As one of those most responsible, the UK must reject false and insufficient solutions that merely waste the little time we have left to mitigate the worst excesses of climate change

We need concrete actions and commitments rooted in justice and responsibility, not promises and ambitions.

The COP26 coalition as part of growing movement of people both in the UK and globally are sending a clear message to the UK Govt and others – those that lack the political will to act will be held accountable for the crisis they are fuelling.