Here is a list of our local hubs so far. Many more are in the process of being formed – we will up-date the list as each new hub is launched!

Can’t see a contact email or want to set up a local hub? Send us an email at: [email protected]

Please see our Facebook page for local hub events or contact your local hub directly.


Setting up your own Local Hub

If you want to set up your own local hub, please see our Event Pack here. This document has information on what is a local hub and what is the COP26 Coalition and its plans, outreach, agenda templates to graphics. If you need any more support, please feel free to contact Tess Humble: [email protected]


List of Local Hubs

Aberdeenshire – Contact: [email protected]

Baildon- Contact: TBC

Brighton – Contact: [email protected]

Bristol – Contact: [email protected]

Cambridgeshire – Contact: [email protected]

Cardiff – Contact: [email protected]

Chesterfield – Contact: [email protected]

Chichester: Facebook page available here – Contact: [email protected]

Edinburgh: Facebook page available here – Contact: [email protected]

Exeter – Contact: [email protected]

Glasgow – Contact: TBC

Highlands & Islands  Contact: TBC

Ilkely  Contact: [email protected]

Lancashire & Cumbria: Facebook page available here – Contact: TBC

London  Contact: [email protected]

Manchester – Contact:

Norfolk – Contact: TBC

North East (of England): Facebook page available here – Contact: [email protected]

Nottingham – Contact: TBC

Oxfordshire: Website available here – Contact: [email protected]

Pembrokeshire – Contact: TBC

Plymouth – Contact: TBC

Portsmouth – Contact: TBC

Sheffield – Contact: [email protected]

Swansea – Contact: TBC

Tayside Contact: [email protected]

West Midlands Contact: [email protected]

York & District: Facebook page available here Contact: [email protected]

Yorkshire and the Humber – Contact: [email protected]