The Lady Justice of the old era was a solitary woman, holding a scale of the legal system and the rule of law. She represented ‘enlightenment’ and ‘progress’ – the separation of man from the ‘ruthless chaos of nature’ – the same logic that fuels the on-going history of exploitation, colonialism and extractivism.

Our Lady Justice of the new era is a non-binary person of colour. Instead of defending and wielding the violence of the nation state and a legal system that has always protected those who do harm – the power of Lady Justice flows from the dandelion.

The dandelion is a weed (which are just plants in the wrong places). Dandelion are resilient pollinators whose roots penetrate deep into the ground. From making wishes when you blow them to courage because it can grow anywhere, they symbolise strength and hope across the world. They have been used traditionally across the world as medicine, dyes and as food. The dandelion also represents the sun – behind which you can see the horizons that is bringing in a new era: the era of injustice is over, the era of justice is here.

And if you look closely, you will find yourself in the picture. Flowing out of the dandelion are millions of moments of hope: people like you fighting for climate justice, ready to germinate across the world.


Thank you to our amazing graphic designer Ilyanna Kerr.