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Thu 10 June, 7-9 PM BST

From climate to covid to racism, multiple forms of apartheid are at play across the globe. The rich and powerful are able to escape the impact of the crisis that they have caused. The poorest countries, and the poorest within countries, struggle to survive the catastrophic consequences. 

With current climate action commitments, we are on course to exposing more than 2 billion of the world’s poorest to loss of lives, homes and livelihoods. The rich not only pay their way out of overheating, hunger and conflict, but reinforce inequitable structures so others cannot access protection and safety. 

Low income countries have received only 0.2% of the global supply of vaccines. Yet, rich nations are still blocking the proposal to lift the patents on Covid-19 vaccines so that billions of people across the world could be vaccinated. 

The lives of marginalised groups, especially people of colour, are still under threat from institutional discrimnation, state violence, even militarised repression and ethnic cleansing, and are most at risk from the climate and covid crisis. 

These different forms of Apartheid are both the cause and the magnifier of these crises. If our solutions are not based on justice, we won’t be able to even begin addressing the problem. What does this justice look like? What is needed to truly dismantle Apartheid in all its forms? Join the COP26 Coalition for our Global Rally Against Apartheid, and hear from activists from around the world as they map out the road to climate justice.

Asad Rehman – Warn on Want
Jason Hickel – Economic anthropologist
Julia Steinberger – Ecological economist
Karin Nansen – Co-Chair Friends of the Earth International

Rafeef Ziadah – Palestinian poet & Lecturer, SOAS
S’bu Zikode – President of South African shack dwellers’ movement
Sabrina Fernadez – Scholar-activist
Vijay Prashad – Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research

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