Together with our friends across the globe in the COP28 Coalition, we raise the following urgent demands:

  1. Immediate ceasefire, a stop to the blockade and occupation of Palestine, and the end to apartheid and colonialism.
  2. Rapid, just and equitable phaseout of all fossil fuels, including exploration, extraction, transportation, production and consumption, and a direct, rapid, equitable and just transition to democratic, renewable energy systems for people and communities that builds energy sovereignty.
  3. Fulfillment of obligations to deliver adequate, new, additional, non-debt creating, conditionality-free climate finance for mitigation and just transition, adaptation and Loss and Damage as part of Reparations.
  4. Cancelation of unsustainable and illegitimate debt being collected from the Global South.
  5. Immediate end to greenwashing and false, harmful and unproven “solutions” which serve as  dangerous and deceptive distractions including geoengineering, carbon capture and storage technologies, and carbon markets. 
  6. Building of just, resilient and sustainable food systems; upholding and protecting people’s right to food and food sovereignty.
  7. Respect for and protection of human rights — of civil and political rights, of economic, environmental, social and cultural rights including the the rights to public services and social protection for all and the right to clean, health and sustainable environment,  the rights of all workers including migrant workers, the rights of peasants and fishers, the rights of women, the right to gender diversity, the rights of black, indigenous and people of color, the rights of youth and children.
  8. The fulfillment of gender justice as an integral part of climate justice; advance on gender-equality and care economies that prioritize well-being, care and authentic education over profit and address ongoing economic disparities and social injustices resulting from colonia, capitalist and patriarchal legacies where socially constructed roles and sectors prevail.
  9. Defund and divest from the destructive and heavily polluting military industrial complex; and divest from police and military-reliant climate policy, and invest in climate emergency care.
  10. Equitable and just transition from a capitalist and extractivist economic system to post-carbon local, national and global economic systems that are inclusive, sustainable, democratic and uphold all human and labor rights.

We call on all citizens, communities, movements, people’s organizations, workers and civil society networks around the globe to come together for escalated actions for system change!