The Covid pandemic means that not everyone can travel to Glasgow. That is why we’re calling for decentralised actions globally. Wherever you are in the world, you can help bring climate justice to COP26. If there isn’t a Local Action or UK Local Hub in your area, you can organise a local action with the few steps below.

Step 1: Organise your local action

To be listed on our action map and social media, we’re asking all of our action organisers to agree with a few of our guidances.

For useful information on the Coalition and tips on getting started on organising your action, see our Local Action Resource Pack .

Step 2: Let us know about your action

To register an action, send us an email at support[@] We’ll give you access to our graphics template and to our platform to map your local action.

Step 3: ?????

Attend a local hub/action meeting?