Learn more about the intersections between climate and migrant justice. In collaboration with other groups, we are also holding workshops for organisations and groups in the climate and migrant justice movements: please contact nick[at]waronwant[dot]org.

For an introduction to the intersection please read our explainer ‘Climate Justice means Migrant Justice’.

Find a comprehensive list of resources on border abolition, migration and the climate crisis on the No Borders in Climate Justice Resource List. We have selected a few from the key areas below. You can find resources on different issues in climate justice at the end.

Borders and the Securitisation of the Climate Crisis

  1. Gracie Mae Bradley & Luke de Noronha: Against Borders – The Case for Abolition
  2. Harsha Walia: Freedom to Stay, Freedom to Move
  3. InfoMigrants: Tales from the Border Podcast
  4. Transnational Institute: Global Climate Wall & Cashing in on Crisis
  5. Sabrina Rodríguez: It’s not a Border Crisis. It’s a Climate Crisis
  6. Nick Cullen: There is no Climate Justice without Migrant Justice

Climate Linked Migration

  1. Climate & Migration Coalition: News & Articles
  2. Connecting Climate & Migrant Justice: A Guide to Countering Dangerous Narratives
  3. Borders & Belonging Podcast: Should we call people climate refugees?
  4. CJC & JCWI Briefing: How do we talk about Climate, Migration and Borders at COP28?

The Hostile Environment

  1. JCWI: The Hostile Environment Explained
  2. Refugee Council: Understanding the Refugee Ban Bill
  3. Community Tales of Resistance: No Small Victories Podcast

Protest Banner: Which side are you on? and System change not climate change
Photo Credit: DCJ / FOE International

Introduction & Issue in Climate Justice

What is Climate Justice?

Online Course: Introduction to Climate Justice (video)

Race & Climate Justice Resource List

Disability & Climate Justice Resource List

Frequently Asked Questions on the Just Transition

International Climate Justice: Loss & Damage, Adaptation & Mitigation

Climate Reparations Network

Land Justice & Food Sovereignty

Energy & Fossil Capital

Degrowth & the Global Green New Deal

Faith & Climate Justice

Nature & Biodiversity