When the UN climate talks come to Glasgow this November, we need nothing short of urgent climate action based on justice across the world. Those on the frontlines of the climate crisis will be central to this, and must be front and centre at the negotiations.

But frontline, Global South and other marginalised communities will face many obstacles even getting to Glasgow for COP26. One huge problem will be navigating the UK Home Office’s unjust immigration system to obtain a visit visa – a system that often makes deeply discriminatory decisions, refuses the right to appeal, and is made up of a complex documentation process that penalises poorer applicants. And this year, there are even more hurdles: from new Brexit rules to unequal vaccine rollouts and possible quarantine restrictions.

To ensure that Global South communities do not continue to get side-lined, we must stand in solidarity with their activists and delegates. The COP26 Coalition is working to provide support in overcoming the huge hurdles of obtaining visit visas through its Visa Support Service and its Immigration & Travel Center

Show solidarity with are allies on the frontlines trying to navigate the UK immigration office.

Our growing public resource center for anyone trying to apply for visas and understand Covid-19 protocols.

Hear from the voices of those most affected by the intersectional crises of climate, immigration, and Covid-19.

Support Global South activists get to COP26

The COP26 Coalition Visa Support Service is in partnership with legal social enterprise Teneu Legal who will provide their expertise assisting with visit visa applications. Teneu Legal are offering their services at a heavily reduced fee so the COP26 Coalition Visa Support Service can assist as many people as possible.

All additional funds that we raise will go directly into helping a greater number of applicants, into directly paying back the visa fees of people already struggling to fund their journey; into supporting flight and quarantine costs; and into our ability to provide ‘at the border support’ for those individuals more likely to face challenges upon entry.

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