When: Friday 12th November 2021
Where: COP Blue Zone Plenary Hall 2 / Rally outside the gates of COP26
Who: Global Civil Society, Climate Justice and Grassroots Groups

What: As the climate summit draws to a close, the UN constituencies representing civil society groups and climate justice movements from across the globe come together in Glasgow to stand firm on the just and urgent outcome needed at COP26.

10:30am – Start of People’s Plenary (Plenary Room) in the Blue Zone with speakers from UN constituencies representing movements and organisations from across the globe. 

11:00am – Fridays For Future Strike, Finnieston Street 

12:00pm – Civil society groups leave the plenary with red lines in a parade out of the conference centre.

1:00pm – Groups coming from inside join with outside climate justice movement for a rally with speakers, Finnieston Street. 

Supported by

UNFCCC civil society constituencies representing Indigenous People, farmers & peasants, youth, women & gender, trade unions, disabled people, independent researchers, academic institutions and environmental NGOs.

Climate justice movements from across the UK and globally.

*** Photo and filming opportunity
*** Spokespeople available

*** High-resolution photos of the action will be available afterwards 

Media Contact: [email protected] / +44 7507 888837 / +44 7835 929778